Estimation Engineer - HVAC

Estimation Engineer - HVAC

Department: Estimation &Tendering
Date Posted: 19-02-2020
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ü Collect / Obtain tenders from CTC, consultant office or from the client/contractor.

ü Coordinate with the Estimation manager in preparing tender evaluation and analysis to Bid / No Bid for projects related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

ü Collect information to conduct market analysis to support decision in Bid / No Bid.

ü Attend pretender meetings or site visits, if required.

ü Study all documents such as, drawings, BOQ, specifications, addendums, clarifications, minutes of meetings, etc.

ü Obtain clarifications to remove any ambiguity in tender documents.

ü Float inquiries to all specified as well as non-specified suppliers providing all necessary data.

ü Analyze technical compliance and price data received from suppliers / subcontractors, with the ability to generate comparative statement as part of the cost analysis.

ü Tabulate specifications for various applications of variable quantities such as, ducting, insulation, cladding, protections, piping, piping insulation, etc.

ü Take off quantities from drawings for each application as per its specification.

ü Estimate overall material, Labour & Other related cost complying with HVAC specifications, drawings, details, notes, addendums, query clarifications, BOQ, terms and conditions, etc. in coordination with Estimation Manager.

ü Assist HVAC projects estimation timely in identifying deviations in scope, options, provisions, exclusions, etc. and preparation to offer to BOQ.

ü Revise cost, if appropriate; depending on prices achieved on previously executed projects.

ü Prepare risk analysis in estimation of HVAC systems, such as currency fluctuation, material price escalation, etc.

ü Participate in and contribute to Value Engineering studies.

ü Support development of estimating policies, standards and procedures.

ü Update and maintain historical cost data and databases of the HVAC projects.


Qualification / Experience / Skills


ü Bachelor engineering in Mechanical Engineering with 5+ years’ experience in estimation and preparation of offers / tenders.

ü Knowledge in cooling load calculations, heat loss calculations, equipment selection, duct system design, piping system design, international standards like ASHRAE, DW, ASME and local standards like MEW, MPW, KFD etc.

ü Expert with all-round knowledge of estimating strategies and techniques of construction contracts

ü Strong MS Office skills and advanced knowledge of estimating software programs.

ü Strong verbal and written communication skills.

ü Execution experience on few projects will be an added advantage.