Payroll Assistant

Payroll Assistant

Department: Human Resources
Date Posted: 19-02-2020
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ü Implement approved Policies & Procedures guiding the payroll administration function.

ü Assign unique employee number to all new recruits and create employee file in existing database; record name, address, bank account information, etc.

ü Input employee basic salary, fixed monthly cash allowances and fixed monetary benefit information into payroll database for accurate employee payroll processing.

ü Compile accurate payroll data each month to facilitate monthly transfer; ensure all approved amendments as received from concerned personnel are reflected in employee payroll data, including:

           a. Special payments such as insurance, loans, allowances etc.
           b. Performance rewards, including incentives, bonuses, commissions etc.
          c. Approved expense claims
          d. Deductions
          e.  Salary adjustments as necessitated by Leave Management System

ü Prepare the monthly payroll data, with any required adjustments before submitting for approval.

ü Submit approved monthly payroll information to Finance Department for bank transfer and follow-up on discrepancies (if any).

ü Maintain all loan application forms and input all approved employee loan installment amounts into payroll system.

ü Record all end-of-service benefits and final settlement packages for employees in monthly payroll data, as necessary.

ü Provide departmental payroll breakdowns to senior management to assist in their control/ review of staffing costs upon request.

ü Record employee information, such as exemptions, transfers and resignations, in order to ensure that payroll database is updated as necessary.

ü Report all incidents of payroll errors and delays, and propose changes to the payroll function for improvements to the payroll administration process.

Qualification / Experience / Skills

ü Bachelor Degree in any discipline with minimum 3 Years of experience in the same field.

ü Self-driven, detail-oriented with analytical mindset.

ü Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

ü Advanced Computers skills in MS Office and other software’s.

Should have experience in Oracle Fusion/cloud software.